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Oracle Database 1z0-063 Exam Question Answer

Oracle Database 1z0-063 Exam Question Answer -

Question: 1

When double-clicking ABC .rpd in the Analytics/Repository directory, the Analytics Server architect gets the message The repository 'ABC .rpd' can only be opened as Read-Only. Do you want to open it? What can you tell from that message? Choose two.

Question: 2

What information does the Administration Tool log when checking out a project? Choose three.

Which of the following object-level security action settings are done in the Siebel Analytics repository using the Administration Tool? Choose two.

Question: 4

Siebel Answer's subject areas correspond to which Analytics Administration Tool layer?

Question: 5

How do you invoke Time Series Wizard in the Siebel Analytics Administration Tool?

Question: 6

Which of the following is NOT true of the Siebel Analytics repository?




Carolyng Coleman